Conversations with History

An interview with Joseph Tussman conducted by Harry Kreisler of the Institute for International Studies at UC Berkeley on January 13, 2000.

Representative quote:

“The intellectual life isn’t the life of selling ideas, it’s the life of coming together to try to determine the truth and significance of things. This image that we’re forcing on everything of buying and selling as the great model for human life that we’re promised, now that we’ve shoved politics aside, seems to me to be disastrous, emotionally poverty-stricken, self-defeating, and it won’t last. It won’t last. It isn’t satisfying because it treats people essentially as consumers, and consuming is not significant.”

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One comment on “Conversations with History

  1. jim burns says:

    The Chicago Church of Economics has SOLD the world the idea that consumption is ALL. The world HAS bought the idea. BUT, Tussman is correct. It cannot last, because no matter how much is consumed, there is always greed for MORE. Alas, for this false doctrine, resources are FINITE.

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