Government and the Mind

A series of recordings of Tussman’s presentation of his theory on government and the mind at the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions during the summer of 1963.

1963 was a pivotal time in Tussman’s career. He had been invited back to UC Berkeley as a full professor after 7 years teaching at Syracuse and Wesleyan. During that time he had published his first book, Obligation and the Body Politic, thus removing one of the probable reasons for his failure to obtain tenure at Berkeley in 1955. He would be a regular participant at Robert Hutchin’s Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions for the next several years. Its home was in a striking mansion in the hills above Santa Barbara where each morning around a large table a group of the leading intellects of the time would debate weighty issues affecting the state of our democracy. In the afternoon Tussman would head to the beach with his family to enjoy the sun and surf of the loveliest beach community in Southern California. This idyllic time presaged the turbulent years to follow as Berkeley was soon to be engulfed in the Free Speech Movement and the protests and counterculture influences that came to dominate the 1960’s.

Listen to recordings


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